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// Arkitektur uden grænser






// Arkitektur uden grænser


// Kunsten i arkitekturen Your-architecture  er alle løsninger vedrørende et hjem. Uanset om dit behov er nye: kulturhuse, fællesinstitutioner, sygehuse, domiciler, kontorer, boliger, hus & have, landskab & filmvidenskab osv osv. Steder man kan være i og slappe af.
Human Nature 100 steder der ikke findes - endnu! ALLin1 House Futura__Villa Korn Cirkel_Villa UnderCOVER hus Maya Hus KomFORT_Villa HypNO Arkitektur COOLnihave hus ZIKzak_Villa Lounge_Villa Atrium_Villa DIN ARKITEKTUR //  Væksthus Villa  WOODwood Villa Spejl Villa ESTERIØR Blok_ Villa MatchBOKS_Villa Mobile Hjem M2 huse skabeloner Bedre Billigere Boliger ART IN ARCHITECTURE HOUSES/ Huse " design design
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Extension / / Garden / / Home / / Normal residence / / Office - All in one housing .... With our help YOU are the dESigner of your own home
Your-Architecture /The unfolding house Program : Beboelse Year : 2014 Location : Mobile architecture Size : from 27m2 Status : Ongoing
Designteam : Alex Es, Steen Ingvard
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The Folding house is a modular construction project with many flexible options. It's YOUR-Architecture - Offering a large assembly with many choicEs on the basis of systematics , economics, and smart thinking , and through sustainable principlEs. A kind of Build-a-Bear Concept for propertiEs. - The "modern caravan " Here you have the opportunity to build your home on your own terms . It's pretty simple - we have developed a home and dEsigned it with resourcefurniture - made a unit - that inables you to personalizise your home with your needs . With more material selections - different plans & facade solutions - roof & terrasse solutions. We provide many examplEs to chose from . " Participate actively in both the choice of compositions and the dEsign of your home from top to bottom , the inner and the outer . ChangEs, additions and you have a home that can follow your life- your ways. And living in an active house where the daily use is reflected in your home. A dwelling that depict your life and movement . And transportability - , YOU CAN take the house with you. A mobile architecture made of changeable modulEs which is flexible, and movable in a movable dEsign with super functional devicEs . We dEsign your home with RESOURCE furniture. This means that the same space has up to several functions at different timEs - as needed. These daily actions creatEs a different type of use of a house. Your m2 will come to seem larger - and more practical.  The purpose is to illustrate that words like "house" and "resident" are more concepts that do not require walls, boundaries or roads to exist. Mobile architecture can be traced in the global history of temporary settlements, from the earliest known origins to today's most modern solutions. In historical times, the ability to move before a hat fell to the ground, sometimEs a necEssity. For some, the fact remains today, but the need has become more of a choice. The concept of mobility has thankfully not lost ground among some architects, engineers and dEsigners who enjoy the challenging development of new building solutions and construction techniquEs. The first examplEs of a mobile home was probably a tent. It was the nomadens choice of protection on their wanderings in the dEsert in both the Asian, American and African regions. The equipment since antiquity, has tents named after rewarding forms depending on the region. Among the more recognizable versions is the "tipi", "black tent" and "the Mongolian filt tent". Holidays have always been defined by this sense of a mobile life, with examplEs ranging from tents and caravans motorhomEs and holiday homEs in locations in inaccessible placEs. The walls could be filtered between the inner and outer, with a seriEs of light screens which itself is habitable. Their thicknessEs range from one-half to several meters, a zone of walls more than a single wall, allowing other parts of the building to be duplicated. DEsigned to create the optimum light, and take advantage of the bEst views and contain the possible supporting functions - such as a winter garden. SurfacEs are filters that utilize the potential of a closed environment links to indoor and exterior, for reflecting light deep in space. This is the space in the satisfaction of form. A space that engagEs in the meeting between inside and outside, and one that creatEs focus, an intimacy, and an enclosure.
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In the ALLin1 House you have many options and you get great value for money - all in one housing ....It's YOUR-ARCHITECTURE
 Can greater flexibility in architecture, avoid expensive conversions and demolitions cost can be reduced? Based on the principlEs of sustainability? Why is it important to make architecture "movable"? Based on a vision, a dEsire to develop greater mobility architecture in a contemporary building, we propose to build with "mobile architecture"; - and illustrate how thEse settlements benefit from inherent smart technology that works with your needs. To create a space that follows the daily life your way. HousEs that spins with /or anti-clockwise, and display the environment from their various placEs throughout the day, month, year round. Residential for replacement floor after the calendar, or moving the location according to your needs, or a sustainable housing you can take with you. The project is developed in a kind of "recycling system" where the dwelling is something you can take with you and set up anywhere - in all elements, on land, at sea or in the air. The overall planning with the actual definition of the project is subsequently divided by a seriEs of concept phasEs with different typEs of moving residence. The criterion of succEss is a new type of accommodation used for people in different parts of the world, who seek more flexibility in their livEs and activitiEs. A professional development of new typEs of settlements - with a focus on variability to create a new approach to settlement, to implement greater flexibility that is better integrated the residential experiencEs for the user in various ways.
IN A WORLD with more volatile demands there is a need to focus on more volatile decisions for both installation, sustainability and transformation. The future labor market is about as volatile as having to deal with weather, wind and changing environment. For both consciousnEss and the world around us. This requirEs a different type of use of rEsettlements. /
"It's pretty simple - we have developed a home and dEsigned it with resource furniture - and made a kind of module - you are free to sample your own home according to your needs. Several materials - planes and facade solutions - roof terrace solutions provided. We give a wide range of examples to chose from. "
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// Arkitektur uden grænser


Alex Es
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